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Vcita Home Inspection & Services of Port St Lucie is licensed and certified to provide comprehensive home inspection services throughout the state of Florida.


Calvin Johnson

Owner/Lead Inspector: LIC #HI2622

Vcita Home Inspection & Services is owned and operated by Calvin Johnson. As your professionally certified and licensed inspectors, we aim to arm you with the information you need about the condition of the property you own or are looking to purchase. We have the training and experience needed to identify potential issues and give you a better idea of the ongoing maintenance the property may require.

With years of experience in the home inspection & home improvement business, we are passionate about giving homeowners a new and improved way to deal with home inspectors and service contractors. We provide complete front-to-back service, including quality inspection, home improvement services, and home utility connection services.

We deliver the best for less by cutting out the unnecessary steps that cost people money, whether they realize it or not. We are passionate about providing a quality inspection report and then connecting you with a home improvement service contractor for as long as you own the home.


Theresa Bui

Office Manager

Theresa is a dynamic office manager with a zest for life both in and out of the workplace. She balances the demands of her professional career with the joys of family life and a deep passion for travel. Beyond her professional pursuits, Theresa is a devoted wife and mother. She cherishes spending quality time with her family, whether it’s enjoying cozy movie nights at home or embarking on outdoor adventures together. Driven by a desire to make the most of life’s experiences, Theresa embodies the perfect balance between professional success, family devotion, and a passion for exploration. Her infectious enthusiasm and positive outlook brighten the lives of those around her, both in the office and beyond.


Anastasia Garland

Assistant Office Manager

Anastasia is a vibrant Assistant Office Manager whose zeal for both organization and exploration defines her professional and personal pursuits. With her keen eye for detail and exceptional multitasking abilities, Anastasia plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the office environment. When she’s not orchestrating office operations, Anastasia can be found embarking on culinary adventures around the globe, sampling exotic cuisines, and gathering inspiration for her own culinary creations.


Vivica Andreale

Accounting Manager

Vivica is a seasoned Accounting Manager whose love for numbers is matched only by her devotion to her family. Her expertise in financial management and meticulous attention to detail ensure that the company’s accounts are always in impeccable order. Despite the demands of her career, Vivica’s heart truly lies in the warmth of her family. Whether she’s cheering on her children at soccer games or sharing quiet moments with her spouse, family remains at the center of her world.


David Thompson

Mitigation Manager

David is a Mitigation Manager whose affinity for the outdoors and passion for people define his professional and personal endeavors. With a deep-rooted love for nature, David thrives in the serene landscapes of the great outdoors, finding solace and inspiration amidst lush greenery and winding trails. Beyond his love for the outdoors and physical activity, David’s true joy lies in working with people. As a Mitigation Manager, he excels in fostering meaningful connections, collaborating with teams, and guiding individuals towards shared goals.


Fayiz Hussain

Desk Inspector

Fayiz is a meticulous Desk Inspector that approaches both his professional and personal life with a keen eye for detail. With a loving wife and a beloved son, Fayiz loves spending quality time with his family. Beyond his duties as a Desk Inspector, Fayiz finds relaxation and enjoyment in the immersive world of video games. Whether he’s navigating intricate storylines or inspecting properties, Fayiz delights in the attention to detail. His dedication to his work and detail oriented mindset make him a dynamic force out in the field and in virtual reality.

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Vcita Home Inspection & Services of Port St. Lucie, FL, provides licensed inspection services throughout Florida. Our team is working in most major areas (listed below) throughout Florida, and we’re constantly expanding!

Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Pierce, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Melbourne, Miami, Naples, Okeechobee, Orlando, Palm Beaches, Pensacola, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, Spring Hill, Stuart, Tallahassee, Tampa, Treasure Coast, Vero Beach, & West Palm Beach

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